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In the Tower of Trials, everyone had their own private, undisturbed space. He could also hide the fact that he had passed the levels—why would he go there if he was the one who had passed all the levels?


Quick, show them to me! Master Brahman said anxiously. If I begin appraising now, and nothing goes wrong, we should be able to make it for the auction later! These were all his masters. If he served them well, and they put more things up for sale, that was all money! The five rocks that they brought the last time, three Strength +12, one Agility +13, and one Reflexes +13. They were all top-grade items! He could not wait to see what they had brought this time!


If you made it, you would trample over the bodies of your competitors and come out ahead. If you did not make it, you would be the one trampled underfoot by others. Most importantly, your level would be decreased!


Yin Lieyang sat on the sofa and looked at the various recent reports, especially those regarding the super-genius who broke through all 30 levels. He smiled and said, “Duxing is really lucky this time. With such a super-genius appearing in our city, he will definitely obtain lots of benefits. Sigh, pity that there isn’t any business genius on my side. Those Honorary Aristocrats are all just average too.”


Battling in the Universe, especially when battling with the Zerg race, it was especially important to calculate the direction that they were going towards. Only through this could they deduct where their possible destination was and therefore ask for reinforcements to wipe out the Zerg army. Otherwise, if they didn’t even know where they would be going, how were their reinforcements supposed to know where to go to and how to snipe them?


Of course. Tianyi shrugged helplessly. I passed twenty-two levels in the Tower of Trials. Not talking about how powerful I am, I should be not too bad. But I couldnt even handle one move from that White Beard Mister. What do you think?

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You want to take over a shop that loses money on a daily basis? Ace finally understood what Hong Dali meant by squandering. What do you intend to do with it?


Therefore, it was impossible to enter the filming industry here without a strong backing and possession of powerful technology.


Dali, Tang Muxin asked cautiously, will anyone want to watch such a movie? I heard the review is quite strict here. Will we lose money?


Upon hearing the clerk announce that he had gotten into the Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, the youth named Shen Gaoyi jumped up excitedly. Oh yeah, hahahaha, I finally became an Honorary Aristocrat Reserve!


“Oh, I see…” Hong Dali looked around and quickly saw the Honorary Aristocrats standing at one side. There was even one that wore a purple-colored cape. Hong Dali looked at it meticulously… It’s not very good looking, my golden cape is still more beautiful! And if I become well-known, I will be forced to practice martial arts day and night—god, such life is unbearable!


However, there was no choice. Missions had always been this way. If there was a reward, there should be a penalty too. It was normal.


Although I lost face today, hehe. Losing a bit of face could earn me such knowledge, this is a good thing. With this kid around, things will be easy in the future. Hahaha!



Ah! Jiang Qianxue was stunned for a while but quickly collected her thoughts and explained. Sing! Milky Way is a very popular entertainment program. The audition is held in each city in the Virtual World to shortlist and rank good singers. About one hundred people will be selected to advance to the next round. Then, over three thousand cities in our Silver blue super-planet will start to compete against each other. About one hundred cities will form one group to select the top one hundred singers. Which means only one in one hundred is selected. That will leave us with three thousand talented singers. Next, every one thousand people will form a group and ten will be selected. The following round will be the finals where the third runner-up, second runner-up, and champion will emerge out of thirty people. The champion will be awarded the title Star of the Milky Way. That is equivalent to the best singer in the entire Milky Way. Its very impressive.



Well, well, well, little Qianxue, what are you thinking about here? Jiang Dongliu chuckled as he walked out from the doorway and then closed the door behind him. He approached Jiang Qianxue and pulled her into his embrace. Did anyone bully you recently? If so, Grandpa will stand up for you!


“Test it out on some random person?” Jiang Qianxue thought about it. Men and women obviously thought about problems differently. Hong Dali was thinking that Jiang Qianxue should find someone really flawed to have an experimental relationship with. Then, when she realized that being in a relationship was not all that fun, perhaps she would not be so persistent. However, what Jiang Qianxue thought was, if she was going to be in a relationship, then she had to do it seriously. She would treat the person as her true love…


It was no wonder he was so pleased. It was not easy for someone of his age to achieve such results. Even the audience stood up and applauded him. Thunderous applause could be heard through the entire hall

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