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To be honest, Tang Long was really upsetMo Tianji and Duan Xuan had fought for three days and three nights. In the end, he lost by one move. If he had attribute gems like this to increase his attributes, he would have won. Sad


As they talked, Hong Dalis communication device rang. When it was connected, Jiang Qianxues voice could be heard from the other end. Dali, where are you? Im out.


No choice. Ling Xiaoyi shrugged. After all, the amount is simply too big. I have to keep it down as much as possible. If the price is too high, I will not be able to account for it to the Young Master.


This is fate. Jiang Dongliu smiled and said, You have no choice but to surrender to it. After saying this, Jiang Dongliu got up and said slowly, Forget it, lets not think about this now. I will look for Qianxue first and have a good chat with her. You dont have to worry too much. Our Qianxue is very smart and will understand most things with a little guidance. This is no different.


The hologram of the Old Elder’s head that was projected from the communicator smiled and said, “Hellfire, someone has already passed the 30th level in the Tower of Trials. According to our assessment, this is a super-genius that won’t lose out to Duan Xuan. Therefore, I need you to pay a visit to Kris Sudarian immediately and see if you can obtain some information on this person.”


Hong Dalis eyes were positively gleaming. God! Five million for one gem socket, I can put those on Granzon, hahaha! The gem processing skill is also very powerful. I can make combined attribute gems with just one million! Although the attribute points get reduced by a little, that also means my lackeys can embed an additional twenty gems! Hahaha!

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“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


He hoped she would never find the super genius. If she did, there would be no escape for him ahhhhhh!


“This mysterious genius has completed level 30.” An Elder said in a deep voice, “This type of super-genius might not come around even in a thousand years. Therefore, I have decided to activate the first plan of sending out our strongest troop, the Nine Sha Luos, to Faerie Star to search for the Green Pheonix, Kris Sudarian, for information.”


Aiyayaya. I said there was a nice fragrance here, there are really beautiful women here!


As a small Honorary Aristocrat, this mysterious old man had no reason to owe someone a favor.


I really just want to squander Hong Dali touched his nose. I said Im a prodigal. How can a prodigal earn money?


She didn’t know how to answer. She was very scared, scared that after she fell in love with this mighty hero, he would be hurt as a result. She was even more afraid that if she really suppressed her emotions, in the future…



If he was too forceful, she would instead become rebellious and go against him. That definitely wouldn’t be a good thing. Therefore, the best way was to drag this for as long as possible. Maybe after time went by, her feelings for this mysterious person would slowly fade, and she would become back to normal. After all, young girls were indeed unable to resist hero-like people. But after time passed, this hero syndrome would slowly fade. By that time, it would be easier to slowly convince her around.



Aiyaya. Hong Dali shook his head and smiled. The important thing is the process. As long as you are happy. You havent been able to sing in such a long time. You can sing all you want this time!


After instructing his subordinate, Yin Tianzong laughed and asked Hong Dali, “Brother Dali, how is it, are you satisfied with this?”


Aiya, Big Bro Dali, dont be so humble. Tianyi quickly cozied up to Hong Dali and smiled. Your shops are sure to profit. Why else would you sell one equipment a day like rubbish? Even if we are Honorary Aristocrats, that couldnt possibly support your squandering ways, right? Thats why you must have something else up your sleeves. How about you share it?

  • Soon, the contract was signed. Ling Xiaoyi maintained a polite smile. Farewell, Sir.
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